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Melissa Stathas

The words and melodies of Nunca Me Olvidaré ring forth the TRUTH and Power of the Holy Spirit! Susanne has poured her heart into the encouragement and strength that flows through these messages of hope through Jesus Christ, her savior, redeemer and friend.

Susanne, your life has touched me and your voice will continue to touch the world for the Glory and Honor of our perfect King and Risen Savior. May the multitudes be blessed and inspired to TRUST Jesus, and rise above the imperfections of this fallen world. May your music echo loudly to this dark world, about the TRUTH OF JESUS, which will set the captives free!

I pray that as this music enters your ears, the Spirit of God will flood your soul with the anointing that God has placed upon Susanne’s life and ministry. Susanne is a true witness of God Grace and Love.

With all my Heart,
Melissa Stathas


Eddie Funes
This song has touched my heart personally because it sums up my past life without God, without Jesus Christ, without the Holy Spirit. It's true that everything before me would fall apart because I lived in darkness without a light to shine and I didn't know what love was. I thank God for this lovely song. God bless you all.


Geovany Molina
Glory to God for this album that has impacted my heart in such a special way. The first time I heard the entire album I felt different, I felt peace and God's anointment in every of one the songs. When I meditate on the lyrics I see how they relate to my life and my heart is filled with joy and happiness. God bless you!


Estrella Robles

From the very first day that I heard the song off the album   "Nunca Me Olvidaré"  they have been such a great blessing in my life. One day (by the grace of God) I began to sing the songs " "Nunca Me Olvidaré" , "Ven Sobre Mi", and "Testify" and I could feel how the Holy Spirit manifested in my heart as I sang. Each word felt so real, I could feel something being made new in me. I felt as though I was closer to God. I felt great healing and liberation. It was as though He satisfied me through the anointing He has poured out in my sister Susanne. May all the GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE BE TO GOD. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. May God bless you soooo much sister and may He keep using you and may the songs He inspires you to write make the difference in the lives of many.